With more than 30 years of community economic development experience, we assist small and mid-sized communities create an economic development program suited to their needs.  The Manheim Solutions team offers strategic planning, training and implementation services. We help businesses identify skilled workers through our ACT WorkKeys® Authorized Job Profiling consulting.  Our Foodshed Strategy Service helps your community plan for a more sustainable, resilient, and healthier future by supporting your region’s agricultural sector using specialized site selection techniques.  Clients range from municipalities and regional economic development organizations to manufacturers and school districts.  Each of our services are described in fuller detail under the “Services” Tab of this website.

Here is a summary of each of the Manheim Solutions Team services:

Economic Development Services

For Corporate Clients:

Manheim Solutions, Inc. offers our business clients a variety of economic development tools to help with growing their companies. Whether you are a lending institution, commercial real estate brokerage or a small manufacturer making a location or expansion decision by providing:

  • Site Selection Research and Analysis.
  • Incentives Negotiations with communities.
  • ACT Authorized Job Profiling® Workforce and Skills Assessments.
  • Wide network of associates in corporate and commercial real estate.
  • Extensive experience and training in SBA Lending, state incentive programs and local incentive programs.

For Community Economic Development Organizations:

  • Represent your community to site selectors and business prospects.
  • Develop a comprehensive economic development plan.
  • Conduct industry Cluster Analysis, Marketing Plan, and other studies.
  • Provide site selection tools
    • Building / Sites Database
    • Business Retention Program
    • Workforce / Labor Shed Analysis
  • Coordinate and create partnerships with regional and state agencies to leverage your community’s limited resources.
  • Offer advice on incentive policies:
    • Retail Sales Tax Abatements
    • Use of Property Tax Abatements
    • Revolving Loan Funds
  • Provide staff support to your existing staff or volunteers.
  • Assist you in realizing your economic development strategy.

For a sample of work, download the economic development strategic plan or the brochure for the City of Appleton, Wisconsin, Appleton Brochure 4-15-15.  Click here to find our Final Report for Appleton.

Foodshed Strategies

Foodshed Strategies is a step by step process in which our team members take your community through a planning process that produces a vision of a local food economy that results in measureable value. It begins with understanding your “foodshed,” defined as knowing your food assets, location, site selection strategies, goals and stakeholder buy in. It takes into account the timing and steps necessary for success and finally, how to measure results. It does not differ from the planning undertaken every day by communities as they pursue more traditional economic sectors such health care, technology and retailing.


Authorized ACT WorkKeys Job Profiling Consultant

WorkKeys Logo

Manheim Solutions, Inc. is one of just 400 consultants across the nation to offer ACT WorkKeys® Authorized Job Profiling. This is a unique service that allows us to:


  • Identify the skills required for a job.
  • Determine the level of skills required to perform the job.


Learn about our Economic Development, Foodshed Strategies and Workforce Development  services by downloading our brochure.