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ACT WorkKeys Job Profiling

Manheim Solutions, Inc. is one of just 400 consultants across the nation to offer ACT WorkKeys® Authorized Job Profiling. This is a unique service that allows us to:

  • Identify the skills required for a job
  • Determine the level of skills required to perform the job

Your human resources department may use the Job Profiling process to:

  • Help identify potential job candidates your current recruitment tools aren’t finding
  • Help you determine candidates for promotion
  • Access Job Profile Plus
    • O*NET
    • KSA (knowledge, skills, abilities)
    • DACUM Process (Developing a Curriculum)


For an overview of ACT Work Ready Communities and Job Profiling, take a look at this presentation: Developing a Quality Workforce Without Re-Inventing the Wheel – IEDC 2019 with speaker notes

Manheim Solutions, Inc.

Manheim Solutions, Inc. is currently working with northern Illinois manufacturers, workforce investment boards, and educational institutions to improve the quality of an employer’s workforce and filling your existing skill gaps. Nationwide many companies consider job profiling a competitive edge and keep their results confidential.

  • Sabra Food Processing, Oregon IL
  • Honeywell, Oregon IL
  • HBPW (Holland (Michigan) Board of Public Works
  • Woodward, Inc.
  • Amazon, Plainfield, IN
  • TH Foods, Loves Park, IL
  • Stepan Company – Millsdale Facility, Elwood, IL
  • Owens Corning, Feura Bush NY
  • American Ordnance, Middletown IA
  • IUOE Local 150 AFL-CIO Apprenticeship and Skill Improvement Program, Operating Engineers, Wilmington, IL
  • Pepperidge Farm, Inc., Downers Grove, IL
  • Waubonsee Community College, Aurora, IL
  • South Suburban College, Oak Forest, IL
  • College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL
  • The Workforce Connection, Rockford, IL
  • Triton College, River Grove, IL
  • Fabric Images, Elgin, IL
  • Kay Manufacturing, Calumet City, IL
  • Chemical and Automotive Manufacturers
  • Aerospace Manufacturers

About Job Profiling

Job profiling is an ACT WorkKeys® assessment tool that works seamlessly within the WorkKeys® suite of programs, particularly the National Career Readiness Certificate, earned by students and adults retooling their skillset for the modern workplace.

Job profiling is the right approach if your organization prefers:

  • A focus group format that promotes discussion between the employees (job incumbents) and an ACT-authorized job profiler.
  • A task list describing activities of the job with tasks tailored by the employees.
  • A customized job profile report documenting the tasks of the job, skill levels required for the job, and the qualitative reasoning behind the skill levels provided by the job incumbents. Results that can be used to support hiring, promotion, and training decisions.

Job Profiling Requires Four Key Steps

Step 1: Creating an Initial Task List

The profiler obtains background information about the job to be profiled from the company contact person and a tour of the job site. Using SkillPro®, ACT’s proprietary job profiling software, the profiler develops an initial list of the tasks most relevant to the job.

Step 2: Task Analysis

The profiler meets with subject matter experts – generally incumbent workers of the job being studied – who review and revise the list of tasks, adding, deleting, consolidating, and changing the wording of each task to make certain the list accurately represents the job as it is performed in their company. Then the subject matter experts rate each task according to two dimensions: importance and relative time spent. The data are used to produce a criticality rating for each task.

The subject matter experts review this revised task list and make any necessary changes. The resulting final task list establishes which tasks are the most critical to performing the job.

Step 3: Skill Analysis

The skills are reviewed one at a time. Profilers present detailed descriptions of each of the WorkKeys® skills to the subject matter experts. To determine the relevance of the WorkKeys® skill to the job, the subject matter experts independently identify the important tasks that require the skill and then discuss the work behaviors that specifically use that skill. Then the profiler presents detailed descriptions of the WorkKeys® skill levels to the subject matter experts. These descriptions include examples of problems or situations employees deal with at each level. The subject matter experts identify the relevant important tasks that require each skill level and decide which skill levels are necessary at the entry level and for effective performance of their job (i.e., cut or passing scores).

Step 4: Documentation

The profiler documents the results in a custom Job Profile Report (Sample Job Profile Report) containing a list of the tasks most critical to performance of the job and information on the WorkKeys® skills and skill levels required for entry into the job and effective performance of the job. This report establishes the link between the tasks of the job and the WorkKeys® skills and skill levels.

Curriculum Profiling for Apprentices

Curriculum Profile

Similar to a Job Profile is the Curriculum Profile. This profiling process develops the requirements for a trade apprenticeship or classroom program. Manheim Solutions, Inc. has completed such profiles for trade unions Year One Apprenticeship programs. Click here for a sample curriculum profile report (Sample Manufacturing Curriculum Profile).

Professional Fees for Profiling Services

Manheim Solutions, Inc. charges a market flat rate for services. Our rates are competitive with those of community colleges and Workforce Investment Boards.

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