March 23, 2022

Manheim Solutions, Inc. was awarded a contract in December 2021 to help Ogle County (IL) create a new county-wide economic development program. Initially, the program started January 1, 2022, as a new department with the hopes of evolving into a P3 (Public Private Partnership) with public and private stakeholders from across the county and elsewhere.

Manheim’s association with Ogle County’s economic development efforts extend back to 2017, with the county’s first effort to form a P3 with Hopkins Solutions LLC. Although the effort was sidelined by COVID-19, Manheim continued to work with the county writing grants for area businesses affected by the pandemic, and in 2021 beginning work on broadband grants.

Concurrently, Manheim’s firm continues economic development support work for the City of Oregon. Oregon’s projects include an Illinois EPA grant for soil testing of the former Dayton Superior site near the Rock River, tourism efforts and an upcoming riverfront hotel study. In 2017, Manheim and Hopkins assisted with the city creating an enterprise zone.

The county office is located at the County Office Building, 105 S. fifth Street, Suite #303, Oregon IL 61061. Mr. Manheim can be reached at cmanheim@oglecounty.org, or by phone, 847-691-0008.

The website is http://oglecounty.org/departments/economic-development-partnership/.